Taxonomic revision of Garcinia (Clusiaceae) in India

Mohanan N., Shameer P.S. & T. Sabu

Published on : 30-Sep-2023



A taxonomic revision of the genus Garcinia L. (Clusiaceae) in India is provided. Thirty three species and seven varieties are recognized, which include four recently described species, G. assamica Sarma et al., G. gamblei Shameer et al., G. pushpangadaniana Sabu et al. and G. sibeswarii Shameer et al. Garcinia kydia Roxb. is reduced to a variety of G. cowa Roxb. ex DC. Lectotypes are designated for six names (G. acuminata Planch. & Triana, G. cadelliana King, G. cowa, G. cowa var. kydia (Roxb.) Shameer & N.Mohanan, G. dulcis (Roxb.) Kurz, and G. nervosa Miq.). In the absence of supporting literature and herbarium specimens, the distribution of G. brevirostris Scheff, G. merguensis Wight and G. jelinekii Kurz is doubtful in India. Detailed descriptions, distribution, notes, photos and taxonomic keys for identification of taxa are provided.